Friday, January 27, 2012

"I Can't Do It!"

In the January 2012 Focus on the Family Bulletin, Cheryl Gochnauer wrote this helpful article.

"I Can't Do It!"
Sooner or later, every parent hears these words, usually uttered with a pitiful whine and slump to the floor.  Try these tips to help your youngster turn "I Can't" into "I'll Try."
  • Set Clear Goals.  Explain to your child that his bed doesn't have to be made like Mommy and Daddy's, but he should straighten the blankets and put his pillow in place.
  • Divide the Project into Manageable Pieces.  Instead of telling your child to clean her room, tell her to put away "all the animals" or "every toy that is blue or green."  Continue suggesting different categories until she is finished.
  • Reinforce Past Successes.  Point out specific things your child does well -- setting the table, kicking a ball, feeding the cat, and so on.  Tell him you can't wait to see what he does next.
  • Don't Shield Your Child from Failure.  Let your child work through some frustrations, learning appropriate ways to deal with challenges.  Give her time to wrestle with a problem or try a task a few times before you offer assistance.
  • Encourage Kids to Try, Try Again.  Talk about perseverance and what it means.  Share a story about someone in the Bible or in your family who showed determination.
  • Assume Your Child Will Succeed.  Optimism is Contagious!  -- Cheryl Gochnauer  

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