What People Say About Me

·       Margaret Bangert – “During the 5 plus years of Joel’s leadership, our staff at Community Fellowship has felt and functioned more like a team than ever before.” 

·       Tania Birch – Volunteer/Parent. “As a mom, I love how Joel Has sought opportunities for and encouraged my daughter’s spiritual journey. I get joy from watching my now teenage daughter serve with her church family in children’s ministry and missions.”  “As a Ministry Volunteer, I have learned much from Joel, shifting my outlook from teaching a prescribed curriculum to empowering children to grow in their faith within the curriculum framework. I think less about the lesson plan and more about how the lesson is relevant and impacting each child differently. Joel invests in and builds relationships with families that help them all grow in their faith.”

·       A G – Missionary in Central Asia referring to a recent Missions trip. “I saw Joel planning and leading, but I also saw him step back and let the others contribute their type of leadership and gifting. It is not easy to lead a team you barely know when you hit the ground running.”

·       Laura Elliott – Children’s Ministry leader and Editorial Director of Pioneer Clubs “I have known Joel Sisson for several years and have watched him lead Children’s ministry at Community Fellowship in creative and life-giving ways. He would be an amazing asset to any church! He is an intentional leader who builds kids and families in deep and meaningful ways. He leads as by example and modeling what a father needs to be in his own family. I highly recommend him as an inspiring leader to follow!”

·       Scott Howington – Sr. Pastor of Pleasant Hill Community Church. “I have known Joel Sisson for over 20 years and ministered side by side with him for 14 years. Joel is a practical teacher of the Word. He has a good ability to assess ministry situations and then to lead change where needed. He is gifted in relational leadership and discipleship.”

·       Kevin McKelvey – Former Student, volunteer and Dr., Capt., USAF. “Joel Sisson was my middle school and high school youth pastor and was an integral part of my spiritual growth and development, not only through his weekly Bible teaching but also in how he modeled living a life of discipleship and as a godly husband and father. His creativity and desire to reach youth were evident as he poured his life out and lived it alongside us, constantly hosting events, planning outreach activities and retreats for the youth. Joel has remained an important influence in my life for over 20 years and I still look to him for mentorship and advice. I know he has been a blessing to many others as well though his dedicated time of service in Ministry.”

·       Jeff Miesner – Awana Leader at Community Fellowship. “One of the primary reasons I serve in Awana is to serve under the leadership of Pastor Joel.”

·       Rino Miulli – Men’s Ministry leader, Husband/Parent.  “Joel definitely has the ability to speak and teach from his own life regarding the benefits of using and applying God’s Word and his relationship with Jesus to his marriage and to his role as a father.  Joel has the vision to see couples and families to come together and reap the benefits of following Jesus together.”

·       Wes Payne – Family Pastor of Willow Creek North Shore.  "Joel is a faithful friend and wise counselor in ministry.  He is a man of integrity and character through seasons of joy and challenge.  Joel reflects drive and ambition in the way he honors God through his family and ministry."

·       Marc Foss – Technical Director or Green Bay Community Church. “Joel provides opportunities and encourages others to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory. He has a heart to hear and help people, offering a non-judgmental sounding board for ideas and collaboration.”

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