Thursday, January 17, 2013

Parenthood, Pancakes and Obedience

Did you see the episode of Parenthood on NBC where Julia made blueberry pancakes for her kids one morning?  Sydney is her natural child and Victor is her foster child that Joel and Julia are hoping to adopt.  Victor has been acting out and pushing the limits lately, and defiantly refuses to eat Julia's blueberry pancakes as just a taste of his overall attitude of defiance when it comes to obedience. (Click the picture below to see the clip)

I can't seem to shake this image out of my head as I consider how we obey.  Recently, I had the opportunity to help a group of students make a connection between Moses, Jonah and Saul.  These three men have more in common than you may initially think.

Each man experienced a profound and extraordinary meeting with God. In their meeting with God,  God called them to a specific mission to fulfill with a response of obedience and then they learned three truths about God.
  • Moses met God in a burning bush and God called him to lead His People out of the bondage of slavery and into the land that He had promised Abraham. Moses Reluctantly Obeyed. Exodus 3:1-12.
  • Jonah met God twice through the power of His word and was called to go to Nineveh with His message that would free them from wickedness through repentance. Jonah Defiantly Obeyed -- after 3 days and nights inside a fish. Jonah 1:1-3.
  • Saul met Jesus (after Jesus had ascended into heaven by the way) in a blinding light on his way to persecute Christians. Jesus called him to stop the persecution and start proclaiming the true message  and gospel of Jesus Christ. Saul Immediately Obeyed. Acts 9:1-22.
Each man learned three distinct and true characteristics of God and His Son during their meetings.
  1. God is Holy.  
  2. God Sees and Knows All Things.
  3. God Promises to be Present.
When given a choice to obey, how do you respond?  Are you Reluctant like Moses? Defiant like Jonah and Victor? or do you Immediately obey the call of God because you understand the truth -- God is Holy, sees and knows all things, and is present with you like Saul?  It's your choice.  Either way, your obedience is required.  

I am convinced that my moments of reluctance and defiance are just as appalling, frustrating and selfish as Victor's.  How sad, embarrassing and immature?  I so want to practice obeying immediately and with God's Grace teach my children to follow that example.

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