Thursday, February 17, 2011


This last week I was reading Joshua 4:1-24. It is the account when God stopped the Jordan River and all the Israelites walked across to the Promised Land on dry ground. After God did that amazing thing, He had Joshua choose 12 men to get 12 stones and construct a memorial.

What are the major Spiritual Events (when God did something amazing) in your life that you can remember?

I took an afternoon one day, and sat in my office to remember mine.  When we take the time to remember, something amazing happens.  We draw closer to the One we remember and the events and circumstances that took place with that One.  In other words, we strengthen our connection and relationship.

Here are a few Memorial Words that may help you Remember the spiritual events in your life.
  • Birth - On your birthday, God gives you life!  Consider the incredible truth in the fact that God created you for a purpose on purpose to be about living His purpose.
  • Salvation - God gives you Jesus and new life!  It is through the life, teaching, blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus that we can truly experience New Life and live that life fully.
  • Forgiveness - God gives you a second chance!  If you have ever realized that you are a sinner and flawed in every way, then you know that you need the cleansing power of forgiveness.  Face it we have all messed up at some point, but what God freely offers to anyone seeking is a fresh, clean restart.  A second chance to live for what is right.
  • Calling - God gives you purpose and direction!  Our lives are to be defined and guided by a Love for God, a Love for Others and the expressions of that Love through the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I love the fact that He knows you and wants you to join His team because He created you to do something amazing with your life for Him.
  • Reward - God gives out the blessing of rewards - now and in the future!  Someday He will ask you to give an account of how your life was lived.  When that happens, we will all have to stand before Him and remember.  Don't you want to remember the Faithfulness, Righteousness, Holiness, Love and Obedience that has been actively expressed throughout your life?  I do!
Take time this week to remember and embrace God who is doing amazing things in your life!

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